Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tigermoth - by Debb

When we were young, my brother and I used to love catching insects in the summer. One of the most beautiful, although humble, creatures that was the target of our nets was the tigermoth - black, with bright orange spots on its wings and a tiger-stripe body. They aren't common where I live, but the rain and lush countryside have enticed a few our way. There's something very special about seeing an old friend who embodies childhood memories.

I've painted me as a tigermoth, talking to the cuckoo-shrikes. I'm fascinated by them, not only their cute colours, but the way they're always hanging around in groups, and going somewhere together at sunset. They only visit us in summer, and because of the recent drought, haven't been around a long time. They've returned with the rains, and never fail to deliver me a sense of curiousity when I'm out wandering with the wild things of an arvy.

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