Friday, February 18, 2011

Cloaked by the ocean - by Debb

This is a teeny tiny thumbnail watercolour painted on the back of an envelope. She wears the ocean for a cloak, weighed down by the sheer immensity of it and overwhelmed by all its contents, beautiful though they may be.

Sometimes, in the midst of despair with my studies, or when things in life aren't going quite as i imagined, this is how i feel. But the joy is that great inspiration emerges from such burdens, and in creativity lies release.


Shell said...

her burden looks so heavy, but i love the idea of creativity and possibility within. it makes me think of a poem called 'the guest house' by Rumi (worth googling). i also love envelope-artwork and the thought that you'll give a postie somewhere a moment of interest and inspiration amongst the sea of white and brown plain-jane letters.

wolfy said...

this is one of my favorite pictures of yours, its so creative and needs to be in a kids book