Monday, February 21, 2011

Three flowers - by Shell

The cut out I've been working on is too huge to lay out and snip at just for a few hours, so I wanted to create something smaller to share on SK sooner (I've been trying hard to resist the urge to post pics of my unfinished cutout!). Yesterday I discovered a nearby giant craft store and stocked up on all manner of unneccessary luxuries. I spent hours browsing the aisles, soaking up ideas and marvelling at the variety of crafts to be created. Bliss! A few of the items I couldn't leave without were a pad of heavily textured watercolour paper and a pack of black Faber Castell pens ranging from very thin to brush size. They inspired this mini watercolour. Since I love snail mail I've turned this pic into a postcard to fly over the seas soonest.


Little Fox said...

Yippee, so lovely to have a post from you on SK again!! I love the vibrance of the colours and the way your unique and joyous style make the flowers sing ^^ I'm impressed too, by the blue splotches in the background. How did you make those? Although i'm guessing brush, it almost looks like you've used something else to do the splotching :)

ps - hanging on the edge of my seat to see your cutout!! And i couldn't agree more, craft stores are heavenly! Those pens sound fab ^^

Shell said...

yeeeeeee, thanks debski x

my blue splotches are indeed just brush splodges. i made the paint really watery so that it'd be less vibrant and blend into the background more than the flowers, then just made circles of watery paint with my brush.