Sunday, February 27, 2011

Elephant in pink - by Shell


Little Fox said...

oooh, i love love LOVE your Ellie!! Plus i am in awe of your patience at carving out the intricate and elaborate patterns on its rug!! Wow Shell, it's beautiful. What I like about it too, is it has character - I can see pride, contentment and wisdom radiating from your elephant. I hope you meet one just like it in Africa!!

I can't help but make this a long comment, cos' I'm a little smitten ^^ Each pattern on the rug seems to be inspired by a different theme or culture to me, each one unique yet complementary. I especially love how the patterns have been used to create wrinkles on the ellie's knees, as if the the costume the Elephant is wearing was not just adornment, but part of its identity.

Ahhh, i think i'll go take another look! :D

belinda suzette said...

very beautiful shell belle