Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Audrey & Daisy Sail Origami Boats - by Shell

Audrey and Daisy loved to fold paper origami boats. Even more than this, they wished for rain so they could revel in racing their creations down swollen gutters.

* inspired by Debski *

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Little Fox said...

Without doubt my sista, you're ready to illustrate your own picture book!! This is gorgeous and i'm so thrilled to have inspired it (*ear-to-ear-grin as she types*)! It brings back sweet memories of playing in the puddles and gutters in the rain as young things. Its memories like those that make me love grey days just as much as blue ones!

I'm impressed by the vibrance of the colours too. I'm wondering if it might be because of the luscious + bright water colour paper you're using? Beautiful ^^