Thursday, April 7, 2011

Undergrowth - by Debb

And the poem says:
Little valley of ferns, dark grove, treasure trove. Here the
fire rekindles + sparks fly. Sunlight peeking curiously,
sheepishly through a canopy floating on stems,
kissing the autumn sky. Breathing in deep
+ sucking the marrow from life.
Here, no need for 'why?'
Pushing, unfurling, i'm growing again.
Bliss. Back up toward the sky.
Blue atumn sky.

Did i mention my scanner and i are not friends at the mo'?
It doesn't do justice to my colours ^^


Shell said...

little debb, this is beautiful. i love how the poem entranced me to read deeper into the image. nice to ponder too that there needs be no why in the cycle of life, it just is. why is a very human wondering, which can be a blessing or a curse. your colours look vibrant from this end too xox

wolfy said...

this drawing slimulates my imagination , as i wonder about your mood and feelings that day wandering in the forest alone in your thoughts, as i think about days i have wandered forests and written in my little book, and drawn soul drawings from my soul