Sunday, March 6, 2011

Questionable Symmetry - by Debb

Shaun Tan is one of my all time favourite Australian artists, and in turn he's inspired by Paul Klee. So it makes sense that I'd like Paul Klee too! Klee is a recent discovery for me, and I love his experimentation with geometric shapes, vibrant colours and his playfulness with boundaries - sometimes crisp and othertimes bleeding into one another as if there's really no boundary at all. This pic' is Paul Klee inspired ^^

(Nb: If you Google 'image search' Klee you'll get a nice little taster of his style)

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Shell said...

thank you for introducing me to paul klee. i have a vague recollection of his name from a high school art teacher, but don't remember his vibrant shapes. some of his artwork reminded me of those drawings you do, where you scribble a swirly doodle, then colour all the segments different colours. remember them? your klee-inspired creation has the perfect name debski. somehow it reminds me of a castle. also 'tis like your beautiful spiral art on our banner. lovely!