Thursday, March 3, 2011

Jug - by Shell


Little Fox said...

Oooh Shell, I love this! I'm enraptured by the deceptive simplicity and the way you've made the jug look like glass - those squiggly reflections and the overlap of curved lines. Lass has a similar saying, and often speaks of filling the jug, so we can share with others.. I think he accquired his quote from Kurdish culture, but perhaps in their ancestry they share similar roots ^^ Its an enlightening quote!

Shell said...

Thanks Debb!! I love this quote too. Simple but profound. Interesting that the Kurdish have a similar quote. It would be intersting to find out of they do share similar roots. I wouldn't be surprised though.

I was on sick leave with flu and had to ring into my manager every morning to say if I was well enough to come back yet or not. I was complaining to her that I was getting bored of staying home and being too sick to enjoy the time off. She pointed out that I wasn't being very mindful and set me the task of mindfully drawing a jug. Her point triggered for me a lovely 'ah ha' moment. I savoured drawing the jug and it did indeed bring me back to now.